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We aim to deliver high quality, rich UX and comprehensive content with our software to solve daily life problems. Focusing on new technologies keeps us always fresh and eager to create new solutions. So far we have focused on health and sports. So we have delivered GymPocket and Fitness Lab on your use. Both products are for better fitness and sports experience. In near future we will be developing more solutions on sports, health and other and domains.

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GymPocket provides gyms and their members a unique online platform which consists of a web application and a branded native mobile application. As a Fitness Center owner, you can create trainer, dietitian, manager, desk staff or admin profiles which have their own kind of use in GymPocket.

Gym members can sign-up to the system for free and track their sports and health data over the web and your mobile app. GymPocket offers both your staff and your clients an innovative way to live healthier.

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We have developed Fitness Lab for all levels of fitness people. You will find easy, medium and advanced exercises and workouts in the app. In that way, you can both create your own content and choose from existing content. Add your own exercises, workouts and logs. Track your body development in time. Store your data in cloud securely for later use. Export your logs to your computer. Share workout data with people.

And much more is now in Fitness Lab. For more detailed information please check Fitness Lab App website.

Download Fitness Lab App from App Store.

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Lotus has the LARGEST yoga library in App Store with 100+ Yoga workouts & meditation classes and 450+ Instructed poses for all levels.

You can find ready-made content created by professional yoga teachers, or you can create your own content. Feel better, healthier, and sexier through our many types of yoga classes. You can also use it as your fitness guide. Here are some of the awesome features in the app:


• There are 450+ yoga poses in the app classified by their difficulty levels or their main focus.

• All poses are illustrated and described in detail.

• Find benefits and caution notes for each pose.

• Use pose sequences that are a combination of yoga poses. Create your own or use the ready-made sequences.

• Search poses with name, level, or focus.


• Over 100 classes in different categories for different levels of yoga and pilates workout lovers.

• You will find many yoga classes that will fit you and your desired benefits.

• Watch fitness classes in HD quality on your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or TV.

• Use wherever and whenever you want without internet connection after you download them.

• Schedule each class anytime on a calendar and get a reminder on that day.

• Find workouts for different purposes including weight loss, back pain, fat burn, better balance, flexibility etc.


• Beautiful sequence builder tool allows you to create your own yoga classes.

• Use largest yoga pose and sequence library to create own fitness classes.

• Use the Clever-Connect feature if you want smoother transitions between poses.


• Choose between many guided meditation classes to feel much better.

• Learn to explore or heal yourself.


• Follow pre-made yoga and pilates programs.

• Find a program for yourself from five days to one-month long for all levels.

• Create your own yoga programs day by day.

• Schedule programs over a calendar to track your progress and get reminders on your yoga days.


• Backup all your custom data (custom classes and programs, favorites, fitness settings, etc.) on the cloud.

• Restore your fitness workout data anytime in case you lose your data, buy a new device, or restore another iOS device.


• Navigate your class with you Apple Watch

• See current pose with its image and name

• Play, pause or change current pose in a yoga session


• Select between different background sounds to change your class atmosphere.

• Choose instructor or pose name sound for pose transitions.

• Set favorite poses for easier use.

• Set sound volume levels.

• Get updates with new content continuously and much more.

Visit Lotus Yoga website for more details. 

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Our main goal is to deliver the best mobile applications

to people all around the world.

Labmobil has been operating since 2014 with passion and love. Since we are doing what we want to do and what we like to do, our products made people happy. Our software team is dedicated on their work and trying to deliver the best product. Our customer relations department is all the time listens your feedback and tries to solve problems that customers face as soon as possible.

We pay a lot importance to user experience and user happiness. We were and we will working passionately on mobile app development for long time. If you have any inquiries or feedback, you can either send us an email or fill the contact form below.

All the best.

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